The Government decided that the return and exchange of drugs to the pharmacy is not possible. At the same time there is a reservation - "goods should have the proper quality." From this still has a chance to return the medication to the pharmacy. Only it is necessary to know in which cases it is possible.

Return the medicine to the pharmacy, you can, if you find faults. These include: - the lack of instructions - expired - mismatch appearance medicines and describing its characteristics in the instructions - marriage in the package - defects in labeling; - mismatch of expiry (series) between the primary (tube, bottle, vial ) and secondary packaging (carton). If you notice any of these drawbacks take the medicine at the pharmacy, ask for a similar change or return the money.

If your request was not granted, refers to the law. In any pharmacy to be an information stand, grab a copy of this law, and familiarize them with the pharmacist. With further denial of your request, ask the pharmacy to call the supervisor or his deputy. Explain to him everything in detail. Say that you contact the supervisors.

If the medicine is of good quality, then return it to the pharmacy, you can only be an error pharmacist. For example, you need to buy a medical ointment, and gave - cream. In this case, immediately ask the drug trade. A confirmation of your righteousness can become a doctor's prescription or a witness. When buying non-prescription medicines you should consult contraindications. Most pharmacists recommend medication, talking about his safety. Houses client detects that the tool can not be applied to him. In this case, you can exchange the drug at the pharmacy with the appropriate conclusions from a doctor and a witness. Thus, in this case, the drug trade will be difficult.

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