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We found the volume base drugs. For you convenient online services compared to prices in different areas and pharmacies. The most reliable information on the availability, sale and delivery of drugs in your city. Our service will help you find the best price on the drug.

If you are interested in prices for several products, we put them into the shopping cart and use the "Select the best deal pharmacies." The system compares the prices of medicines and will set the best deals.

You can order the medication you are interested in on our website. Most pharmacies allow you to order the selected product. Use the "Checkout" in the list of proposals pharmacies to order drugs in the selected pharmacy.

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Enquiry at all-all the pharmacies there. Pharmacies do not want to be connected to a common reference, and the government does not consider it necessary to make this connection is mandatory for each pharmacy. That has to ring up several help patients to find a cure for it in the right pharmacy or at the most attractive price. Today, every major drugstore chain has a site and its information service. Many thus collaborating with several other referral service.

The efficiency of about 90 percent of drugs sold in the world, has not been proven by modern standards, of which seventy percent do not have at least as a significant efficiency. All useless drug has not been proven not only effective but also safe. We do not know really, what is fraught with taking these pills. Any useless drugs already known to be dangerous because it creates the appearance of the treatment, and many are content with popular non-working means exposing themselves to deadly risk.

Despite the strict requirements and standards, useless drugs winding through fall and into American and European pharmacy. To date, no country in the world has laws which oblige to publish the results of all studies the effectiveness of the medication. Gradually the situation is changing for the better in the past year for the first time GSK has created an online system in which doctors can request the results of clinical trials. To date, such as online services have Roche, Sanofi ViiV and Boehringer Ingelheim. In 2015, Johnson & Johnson company announced that it will release all the details of their clinical research in the public domain.

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