Canadian Pharmacy Quality Control

Quality drugs - is your safety!

Canadian Pharmacy guarantees the authenticity and quality of all the medicines and medical supplies. All available in our online pharmacy drug products are certified and the supporting documentation for compliance with the state authorities of quality control. Terms and conditions of storage and sale of goods are strictly observed. Customer together with the delivered order is required to provide a cash receipt.

We are working with major wholesale suppliers. This ensures the supply of extremely high quality and genuine drugs. Our pharmacy network is fully computerized. The advantage of the automated control system is registered on the product series and parties that allows for automatic tracking of the history of any of our products, as well as a reconciliation of the data of the Ministry of Health rejected and falsified batches of medicines. All goods at entry into the pharmacy checked - "on the quality of reception." Lots of goods are compared with those of the Department of state control of the quality, effectiveness and safety of medicines and medical equipment.
Each of our pharmacies may at the request of the buyer to provide information about the source of receipt of any medicine.

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